They simply don't want to change!

For today’s Microblogvember prompt: wrist, a story and a quote.

I started experiencing wrist pain a few years ago and read somewhere that changing your keyboard layout could help. So I learned to type in the Dvorak keyboard layout. I think I was just bored, but it turned out that it did help, or at least I’m no longer experiencing wrist pain from long work sessions at the computer. It’s possible that I learned to touch-type in poor form with QWERTY, and my motivation to do this weird thing made me more conscious of better typing form. Learning Dvorak without popping your keys off the keyboard and rearranging them (or getting a dedicated Dvorak keyboard) makes it easy to force yourself to learn how to touch type because the keys no longer mean what they say they mean.

There’s all kinds of skepticism of the speed and efficiency benefits of Dvorak, but the real reason you should consider switching is to watch people’s faces when they type on your keyboard. In case you need more reasons, there’s also this profound quote, from August Dvorak himself,

I’m tired of trying to do something worthwhile for the human race. They simply don’t want to change!


Josh Fishburn @jafish